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Glooey’s is the first and only patented self-sealing balloon. It was invented by Wes Warner and Troy Stark, professional pilots and semi professional dads.


LOS ANGELES, CA – Since the first modern latex balloon was invented in 1931, little has changed until now. But inventors Wes Warner and Troy Stark have proven that you can reinvent the balloon. Their patented product, glooeys, takes the struggle out of tying balloons.

It all started when Warner, a pilot and dad, watched in frustration as his young son tried repeatedly to tie a water balloon. “There has to be an easier way”, Wes thought. “Why hasn’t anyone ever come up with a balloon that seals itself?” Wes created some initial sketches before contacting his friend, business partner and fellow pilot, Troy Stark, for a brainstorming session.

The two dad inventors realized that the easiest way to keep the air from escaping from the balloon was simply to seal it shut, eliminating the need to tie it. So, like all inventors, they experimented. It took over a year of testing different adhesives until they finally found one that was non-toxic and strong.

Now the dads have gotten the whole family involved, doing testing and making promotional videos. “I’m thinking about the future for my daughter,” says Stark, ” Some day she’s going to take over the business”. The Warner boys have a head start from all the prototype testing they’ve helped with. “The boys have been a huge part of the testing. Without their help, we wouldn’t be this far.”

glooeys is ramping up manufacturing through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, so early adopters can get in on the ground floor before they hit retail stores.

The glooeys technology will completely disrupt the balloon industry. Balloons of the future will all be self-sealing. The time, energy and frustration of tying balloon knots will be a thing of the past.

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Troy Stark and Wes Warner are available for interviews and can be reached through Abbott & Klein PR at 310-444-7788 or

Troy Stark

Troy Stark Bio – Co-inventor of Glooeys

I have always had the desire to invent things. When I was younger I had ideas for products. And after a few years I would see the products in stores. I realized that I should have acted on my ideas, but I had no idea how to do it.

I am a Captain with JetBlue. Wes and I met through a mutual friend. Wes wanted to become a pilot so he decided to move from California to Florida. I offered to let Wes and his family stay with me until Wes cold make enough money to get his own place. Wes succeeded and later moved out. Wes and I have been great friends ever since.

Wes and I began doing inventions together. To date this is our best idea.
In March of 2012, Wes contacted me and said “do you have any idea how hard it is to tie a balloon?” I responded “yes”. He also stated that he may have a way to make it easy. In April of 2012, Wes came to my house and we started working with different adhesives and rolling techniques.

I have more free time than Wes so I spent years researching and speaking with as many people as I could in the balloon industry. I was told by the largest balloon manufacturing company that it was the best idea he had ever seen, but was unwilling to spend the money for re-tooling his machines. The balloon manufacturing businesses in the USA are very unwelcoming and secretive so I began reaching out abroad. I spoke with companies all over the world and finally got in contact with a company in Central America. Wes and I have spent time in their facility doing R&D and we are very happy to work with them. And the benefit of Central America is that the latex trees are indigenous to the region.

Wes Warner

Wes Warner Bio – Co-inventor of Glooeys

Wes comes from a very “hands-on” family. His father oversees production at a fastener manufacturing plant, and mother has a home improvement background. From a young age, he created many of his own toys from Legos as, what he wanted was not readily avialable. This creativity led him down a path of mechanical design for the family business. With his foundation laid by working closely on machinery with his grandfather, Wes eventually developed advanced production methods and streamlined equipment designs, along with modernizing older equipment with PLC technology.

Wes eventually changed careers into the aviation industry. Ever since he was a boy, Wes loved airplanes. He earned his pilots certificate in 1992 at age 18, and has owned, built and rebuilt a number of aircraft ranging from Formula 1 racers, and Russian aerobatic machines, to slow flying cruisers. Currently he writes polices and procedures for pilots at a private jet company. In addition to those duties he is a Captain and Check Airman (checks out other captains), and works with the aircraft manufacturers on any technical issues that arise.

Wes came up with the glooeys idea after tying water balloons for his then 4yo son. While his son could easily fill them, tying was, and still is, an issue. Once he had verified that the idea was doable, he contacted Troy to further the project.

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